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Corporate Information
Good brands build good companies. Good brands have to be impactful, expressive and elicit the big promise of the company. Above all, good brands should allow companies to stand out amongst the multitude of companies in the marketplace.

That is the brand philosophy of StudioWorkz Productions. Established since 2004, we have been providing our customers with new insights on how they can adopt a visually consistent brand design identity. We specialise in providing branding design consultation and a full suite of design services to aid companies in establishing a visual brand identity across both digital and printed communications.
Corporate BrandMark

The StudioWorkz Productions corporate brandmark is a representation of our brand value and expresses what we offer to our customers' brands.

The symbolmark, which we term as the Bridge Mark, is an abstract representation of a bridge. The bridge symbolizes StudioWorkz Productions aspirations to constantly bridge creativity and visual designs with our customers' brand identities. Orange is the colour of choice for the symbolmark as it represents enthusiasm, dedication amidst creativeness in our service to our customers.

The logotype is expressed in uppercase with the exception of a single letter 'i'. The 'i' symbolises the company united as a single entity and its dare-to-be-different attitude.
Values & Commitment
We are committed to giving value to your brand in our work. We understand that all visual communications impact your brand and we make your brand image central to our designs.

We take pride in providing quality services and dedication to our clientele needs. Because brand building is a never-ending process, we value being on the long-term journey with our clientele to make it happen.
Our Network

Branding design is all about building an impactful and consistent identity across all your visual communications. While our specialized capabilities are in providing visual designs across the online and print mediums, we work closely with other agencies to ensure that when you entrust your brand to us, your brand-building journey is never only limited to our specialized capabilities.

We work with our trusted agencies to provide a range of diversified services such as market research, verbal identity development, copywriting and videography.
Careers With Us
Our workforce is what our company is made up of and we believe quality staff brings quality to our work and value to our client. We constantly seek creative, dynamic and inspiring talents to be part of our team.

If you think you have what it takes, we welcome you to submit your application to us.



Send in your resume together with the following information to jobseek@studioworkz.com.sg
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Branding Design
Branding is BIG BUSINESS. It's not just about how your logo looks, or how your brand name sounds. It is about building an emotion that people associate with your brand. Your brand entails your company's reputation, culture and promise - and this has to be communicated to people over time.

While your brand plays an important role in how people perceive and feel about your company, your brand identity shouts out to their senses. Establishing a brand identity is a tangible component of branding. It expresses your brand in a visual or audio form and is an essential part of branding.

What we do at StudioWorkz Productions is what we term 'Branding Design'. To put it simply, we first design a visual brand identity for your company, before communicating this identity across various mediums.

With every business, it is essential to understand your market, competitors and other factors that may affect your business strategies. Conducting the necessary research lays the foundation for formulating a good brand strategy.
With the research groundwork in place, your brand strategies can then be formulated accordingly. This would eventually determine how your brand should be positioned and what emotions and perceptions it should induce in people.
Creating the design concept for the identity would include conceptualising the logotype, symbolmark, colours, typography and other visual and audio elements in accordance to your brand strategies. To ensure consistency in applying the brand identity, the brand bible and standard guidelines will be developed subsequently.
This is the process of showcasing your brand identity to everyone and is achieved by communicating the identity through various communication mediums.

Brand Management
While it is important to create a visual brand identity that suits your brand, it is imperative to efficiently manage all your visual brand assets to ensure that your brand identity can be kept consistent. We have an online brand assets management software where you can easily upload your brand assets and keep them readily accessible for your staff, partners, sales offices and even the media. Keeping your brand assets on a centralised online repository means you won't have to worry about partner or vendors using the wrong versions of your brand assets. Every staff in the company, can now access a central repository of your brand assets, so your staff don't have to hop from desk to desk asking for the right artwork.

What's best to know, is that we have sourced the world to find a simple to use yet effective solution that is suitable for our clients. And we are the first brand design company in Singapore to have a brand assets management software solution for our clients.

Speak to us to find out how we can integrate brand assets management with branding design services for your brand. Or if you are interested to implement our brand assets management solution for your company, we'll be glad to show you a demo too.

See our brand assets managment solution in action here.

We are proud to have served brands from a myriad of industries. Below are some of our clientele. For a more comprehensive list of our valued clientele, click here.